Freedom Of Dev Services (FOD) are experts in nearshore and offshore software development for leading business organizations across a range of industries.

We have more than 10 years of experience in advancing our clients' business technology and management. In our experience, agile and iterative delivery works best for leveraging IT investment and achieving optimal business value. The result is IT investment aligned to business strategy, and adaptable, agile processes that save time, cut costs and maximize revenue.

Our team of dedicated developers have the right technology, the right methodology and the right vision for delivering high-value projects of any size or complexity.


FOD provides high-quality customized and package-based software development to business customers across Europe, helping them to speed up deployment time, reduce costs and increase competitiveness.


We seek to create an exceptional working environment in which we foster talent, ideas and innovation. We believe in the critical importance of software development to business operations and aim to achieve the highest standards in all projects at all times.


We continually interact with our clients to deliver high quality and value via close collaboration throughout a project and tailor our services to their needs – with consistency and trust.


We focus on operational excellence to produce best-practice results for our clients on a daily basis.


We bring intelligent, flexible cooperation to your project along with absolute transparency.


We aim to be a game-changing partner providing valuable skill sets for our customers – with total integrity.


Agile Software Development

Business needs vary from one business organization to the next. Our custom applications give you more control over executing process improvements that optimize your business.

We provide a comprehensive range of custom application development and outsourcing capabilities, using the latest software platforms, tools and project management techniques. READ MORE

Business Application Development

We help business organizations implement new applications for aligning processes or responding rapidly to market changes and reacting to emerging opportunities.

We provide process-based application development on a BPM technology platform, enabling the creation of highly customizable, secure and user-friendly business applications. READ MORE

Workflow Development

Organizations are keen to turn business-critical tasks and document generation into automated workflows that save valuable time. They also look for new ways of facilitating collaboration aimed at boosting productivity and innovation.
We will help you to create a connected organization. Our nimble solutions for workflow automation contribute to efficient streamlining of processes and work. READ MORE

Mobile Applications Development

Mobile is everywhere. Apps are becoming a primary channel for doing business. End users expect seamless apps with flawless performance. Organizations must get their mobile apps perfect, right from the start.

Mobile application development presents specific challenges – different operating systems and multiple devices with varying display sizes and on-device features.READ MORE

Big Data Analytics

In a connected world, businesses must adapt quickly. Fast, cost-effective data integration and Master Data Management improve flexibility and operability. Big Data analytics and visualization help drive smarter decision-making.

Data collected from an increasing range of sources – databases, cloud-based applications, the Internet of Things, GPS, and more – are business-critical assets. READ MORE


Our clients are leading organizations across a range of industries including utilities & telecoms, finance & insurance, public services, manufacturing and healthcare.

  • ClearPriority is a complex project containing more than 3 million lines of code, combining various aspects such as complex algorithms, distributed architecture considerations and an advanced graphical interface all at the same time. Throughout the development phase of the project, I was able to fully appreciate the thoroughness and the quality of the work of Freedom Of Dev services engineers. Having the ability to partner with such a qualified team, without any language barrier or time difference, is certainly a massive advantage in the successful execution of such a project.

    Olivier COUSSAERT – Chief Technical Officer – ClearPriority
  • From our point of view, working with FOD has been a big success. Not only was the quality of their work very good, but they actually completed their assignment in strict compliance workloads and deadline allowing UCM to meet its schedule and budget. What sets FOD apart from other suppliers is the ease of communication and collaboration with their team. FOD delivered exactly what we asked for. We would absolutely work with them again.

    Jean-Charles DEPOTERRE – Managing Director – UCM SSA


Freedom of Dev is a leading Tunisian software development firm offering amazing opportunities for career development and overseas travel. We’re not interested in IT on a purely abstract level, rather we strive to create solutions that have the power to positively impact upon our clients and the communities in which they live. How do we do this? Well, we start with individuals who can help create teams with just the right mix of skills. We then leverage these talents to tackle cutting-edge projects to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Successful candidates can choose to be based principally in Tunisia, where they will generally be assigned to Europe-based projects and have the chance to travel to Europe for short periods of time. They will work as part of a team although they will have a large degree of freedom within this team structure. Alternatively, new team members can ask to be based in Europe, more specifically, in Belgium, where they will carry out consulting work with European clients. READ MORE


Local vacancies on European-based projects

Start an international career


Introducing members of our team of experts and staff...


Managing Director

Hatem is our managing director and has been a software architect and team leader for more than 10 years. As well as working on projects he has also been involved in training our software engineers.


    Quality Assurance Manager

    Manel is a quality assurance manager. She aims to guarantee that our products more than meet our customers' expectations.


      Nearshore Director

      Leading Nearshore Operations at FOD, Omar is passionate about solving the challenges associated with Agile projects and helping Enterprise Agile Transformations.


        Software Engineer

        A software engineer who is committed to web application development and open to new technologies, Mariem thrives in a team.

          HANA ELLOUZE

          Software Engineer

          Hana began work as an intern for her graduation project has since become a Java/JavaEE software developer and system analyst. She is keen on new technologies and inventing new solutions.

            WAEL MEGDICH

            Technical Architect / Training Manager

            Wael is a software architect who is committed to both teamwork and knowledge sharing.

              YOUSR CHELLY

              Software Engineer

              Yousr is a software engineer who is skilled in building .Net applications and experimenting with new ideas. She enjoys taking on the most difficult of challenges.

                AHMED JARDAK

                Technical Architect

                As a seasoned technical architect, Ahmed has contributed to many of our largest projects with different technologies such as JEE, .Net and PHP.

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